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Automated Trading with HelloQuant!

For optimal and sustained operation, each user benefits from a dedicated server. By providing isolated environments, we address security concerns, eliminating the need for you to manage servers — all thanks to our cloud infrastructure. This allows you to focus on more essential tasks. Seamlessly execute automated orders on preferred exchanges like Binance, OKX, Bybit, Bitget, BingEX, as well as domestic and international stock markets. Originally developed by HelloQuant for personal use, HelloQuant promises continuous operation and regular updates. If you're intrigued by automated trading, join our vibrant user community chat room to engage with fellow traders.

Indicator Key Features

Trend Filtering

Utilizing trend filters, unnecessary entries in sideways markets are minimized, leading to efficient trend-based trading.

Seed Protection & Resource Management

In counter-trend trading scenarios, DOA redirects trades post-stop-loss towards the trend, ensuring profits. Only designated resources are consumed, with any excess backed up as SPOT.

Bidirectional Hedging

Enhance stability with bidirectional hedging. For adverse market scenarios, place additional orders at higher volumes. Features such as grid creation elevate the trading experience.

Visual Backtesting & Genuine Strategy

Visual backtesting enables transparent strategy performance checks before execution. Furthermore, strategies employed are repaint-free, ensuring authenticity.