Collection: Advanced Trading Tools with Popular Indicators

On TradingView, the number of indicators is limited based on your plan. But what if you want to use more indicators? That's where Collection Indicators come in. These indicators bundle popular ones together, allowing you to bypass TradingView's limitations and use multiple indicators at once, providing an excellent way to enhance your trading experience.

Super Trend

Super Trend is an indicator that shows a trend similar to a moving average. It reacts to price and provides an easy way to determine the current trend based on the price position. It can be customized with only two parameters: the period and multiplier, offering users a simple and intuitive interface.

Bollinger Bands

This indicator is excellent for price volatility and trend analysis. Assuming that price fluctuations follow a standard normal distribution, it uses a moving average as the centerline for the trend. The upper and lower bands are calculated based on the standard deviation of the centerline. Bollinger Bands can be seen as an upgraded version of the Donchian Channel indicator.

Donchian Channel

The Donchian Channel indicator is simple yet effective. It is commonly set to a 20-day period and displays the highest and lowest prices, making it easy to gauge support and resistance levels. This indicator formed the basis of the famous Turtle Trading strategy.

Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

EMA is the most commonly used moving average when traders start price analysis. Among various moving averages, EMA is chosen because it reflects price changes more immediately.

Hull Moving Average (Hull MA)

This indicator uses a weighted moving average that emphasizes recent prices, providing a smoother line compared to traditional moving averages. It helps minimize noise during swing trading.

Support Resistance - Dynamic v2

This indicator automatically plots support and resistance levels, making it easy for beginners to use.

Ichimoku Cloud

This indicator is highly useful for predicting future price trends and identifying and predicting current trends. The Ichimoku Cloud provides various pieces of information through multiple lines, each calculated in the following way.


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