The Ultimate Manifestation of Counter-trend Strategies. Automated Trading Strategies at Your Fingertips

DOA is a highly customizable trading tool that allows you to realize personalized trading strategies. It goes beyond being just a trading tool, assisting with technical analysis, risk management, and strategic decision-making. DOA provides an environment for traders to successfully build their trading strategies. By using DOA, you can intuitively understand market trends and effectively respond to them.

I'm delighted that DOA accompanies you on your journey to success as a trader.

Arbitrage-centered Trading

DOA aims for better arbitrage trading strategies. It is more than just buying at a low price and selling at a high price. It pursues clearly defined profitability while minimizing losses.

Long & Short Entry Conditions

Long Position
Counter-trend: Higher High (HH) Condition - Enters the opposite direction when expecting a rebound after a strong departure from the low point. Trend: Lower Low (LL) - Engages in aggressive trading when the direction of the trend emerges by breaking through the high point.
Short Position
Counter-trend: Lower Low (LL) Condition - Enters the opposite direction when expecting a rebound after a strong departure from the high point. Trend: Higher High (HH) - Engages in aggressive trading when the direction of the trend emerges by breaking through the low point.

Efficient Portfolio Management

Automated trading prevents impulsive trading and prevents long-term holding positions from becoming excessive. Even in situations where losses are incurred, it prevents deep entrenchment by circulating buy and sell orders, effectively managing the average purchase price and portfolio allocation.

Bear Markets and Sideways Movement

Sideways movement within a bear market is a highly risky period for automated trading. In such situations, a decision to temporarily suspend automated trading is necessary. However, DOA is equipped with filters to detect sideways markets, effectively filtering out such moments. Additionally, it prevents excessive entries by excluding unnecessary entry points, enabling stable automated trading.

Stop-loss and One-Way Trends

Counter-trend trading can sometimes come with risks. Despite considering these risk factors, DOA flexibly adapts and possesses the ability to find opportunities in challenging market situations.

The stop-loss counter feature provides the possibility of re-entry with a multiple of the previously stopped-out quantity, enabling the realization of profits exceeding the original losses. This is a powerful source of variation in DOA.

Trailing Stop

The trailing stop provides opportunities to protect potential profits while seeking additional gains. This feature utilizes market volatility instead of fixed profit realization, allowing for greater profitability.

In particular, the trailing stop can be very useful when maintaining excellent positions for an extended period. It maximizes profits by leveraging market movements to the fullest extent.

Grid Generation

DOA utilizes the grid trading strategy to automatically set multiple buy points. This helps to maximize profits by taking advantage of trading opportunities that might otherwise be missed. As the grid is filled, the actual average purchase price decreases, resulting in improved profitability. In this way, DOA maximizes profits by utilizing all market movements.

Goals and Asset Protection

The SPOT Transfer feature plays a role in moving a specified amount of assets to the SPOT wallet once the target profit is achieved. This serves as insurance, preparing for potential liquidation risks or failures in portfolio rebalancing. This feature helps maintain a stable mentality in difficult situations and increases the safety of funds.

Furthermore, these processes are executed automatically. Through this, users can fully maintain their target profits without direct intervention. Moreover, users can enjoy the convenience of having all these processes automatically executed by simply setting and achieving their goals.

Other Key Features

Automated Trading for a Balance of Control and Efficiency
Automated trading is an ideal tool for traders who find it difficult to constantly monitor the market. Once the necessary settings are inputted, orders are executed automatically.
Wide Range of Supported Exchanges
Orders can be placed on Binance, Bithumb, Bitget, OKEX, Bybit, Upbit, and Korea Investment & Securities. * Stock orders are available only in South Korea.
Take Profit/Loss and Risk Management Features
Take profit and stop-loss settings are crucial aspects of trading. They provide various options to maximize profitability and minimize losses.
Personalized Customization
Users can personalize their settings according to their preferences.
TradingView Integration
Users can utilize and apply all functions within the scope of TradingView's capabilities.
User Community
Through the user community, users can share setting information, ask questions, and engage in various discussions 24/7.
Permanent Usage
Registered users have access to their personal cloud service, allowing for permanent usage.