ORS: Efficient Trading with Trend Focus, Combining Support and Resistance

ORS provides traders with a favorable trading environment through efficient trend-focused trading strategies. This strategy carefully analyzes market trends to derive the necessary information for trading. ORS can perform both counter-trend and trend trading by focusing on the center of the trend. This enables traders to find optimal positions in various market conditions. The ORS strategy enters trades intensively by spanning multiple entry points. This helps make more cautious and clear decisions when selecting entry points. The ORS strategy enables traders to perform effective trend analysis and position management, leading to stable and profitable trading results.

I'm delighted that ORS accompanies you on your journey to success as a trader.

ORS shares many aspects with DOA. The ORS description page only highlights the differences or additional information compared to DOA. After reviewing the DOA description page, reading this page will provide a better understanding.

Long & Short Entry Conditions

Trends play a crucial role in trading, especially in controlling unnecessary entries. If the trend is unclear, entry should be hesitant. When surpassing the Bearish Reversal Point, the trend goes downward, completing the condition for entering a short position. Conversely, when crossing the Bullish Reversal Point, the trend goes upward, completing the condition for entering a long position.

Counter-trend Trading with Trend Focus

The trend type can be seen as closer to counter-trend trading, predicting and utilizing turning points. It refers to a strategy that predicts market movements in advance and capitalizes on those changes. You can enter based on the breakout points of the Bollinger Bands channel and the trend.

Trend Breakout Trading Breaking Support and Resistance

The price range where the highest volume occurs signifies support and resistance in the center of the trend. This point is generally considered the most fair by market participants.

Resistance Line: The resistance line represents a price level where, after rising, the price tends to temporarily or permanently stop further increases. When the price reaches this line, the upward trend halts, and sometimes a reversal to a downward trend occurs. ORS trend trading expects and enters after breaking the resistance line.

Support Line: The support line represents a price level where, after declining, the price tends to temporarily or permanently stop further decreases. The support line is the position where many investors defend that price level. If the price rebounds and stops the downward trend at the support line, ORS enters with double the base quantity.

Partial Profit-taking and Holding

ORS is designed to execute investment strategies more effectively and stably. One of its features is the 'partial profit-taking' function. This function allows executing profit-taking for half of the position while still holding the remaining half until reaching the switching point. This strategy helps manage the risk of investment while capturing additional profit opportunities using market volatility. Above all, it alleviates the psychological stress that may arise during trading and creates a stable investment environment.

Efficient Additional Entries

situations, ORS, like a skilled chess player who seizes the initiative, rapidly lowers the average purchase price by utilizing strong volume when market stability is found. This strategic action provides the opportunity to realize profits with a broader margin while anticipating market rebounds. ORS is not just a trading tool but a strategic partner that allows investors to maximize their wisdom.

Other Key Features

Automated Trading for a Balance of Control and Efficiency
Automated trading is an ideal tool for traders who find it difficult to constantly monitor the market. Once the necessary settings are inputted, orders are executed automatically.
Wide Range of Supported Exchanges
Orders can be placed on Binance, Bithumb, Bitget, OKEX, Bybit, Upbit, and Korea Investment & Securities. * Stock orders are available only in South Korea.
Take Profit/Loss and Risk Management Features
Take profit and stop-loss settings are crucial aspects of trading. They provide various options to maximize profitability and minimize losses.
Personalized Customization
Users can personalize their settings according to their preferences.
TradingView Integration
Users can utilize and apply all functions within the scope of TradingView's capabilities.
User Community
Through the user community, users can share setting information, ask questions, and engage in various discussions 24/7.
Permanent Usage
Registered users have access to their personal cloud service, allowing for permanent usage.