The Easiest Way to Connect Indicators to Auto Trading

With Kim Salong's indicators, anyone can easily send automated orders to their preferred exchange. It supports various asset markets such as cryptocurrencies (Binance, Okex, Bitget, BingX, Bybit) and stocks (Upbit, KIS), making it easy for you to invest.

Fully Encrypted Personal Information

The storage of users' personal information is always a concern when it comes to service operation. Kim Salong ensures the highest level of security by storing your personal information with the most robust encryption system.

Your personal information is securely protected from hackers. Only you can decrypt your encrypted data.

Private Server and Public Server

A public server is a shared server that everyone can use. By using a public server, you can save $20 per month on private server fees and send auto trading signals for free.

* Public servers are operated through your referral sponsorship.